SSC Exam Suggestion 2024 All Subjects PDF Download

A few days later, a very desirable SSC exam is going to start. So you must be busy preparing for the exam at the last moment. To make your work easier, we have come up with the SSC Suggestion 2024. Our suggestion will include all the subjects. We have made this short suggestion in a short time. Hopefully, you will get a lot of common questions from this suggestion. Our SSC Suggestion 2024 will be very helpful in preparing for your exams. But remember, just depending on the suggestion will not be enough. So no more talk now, let us have a look at the details of the suggestion.

Why Do You Need SSC Suggestion?

You must know that your syllabus is huge. It is a lot more challenging for you to choose topics and read from there. The job of choosing questions can be done well by the experienced people. Basically, the suggestions are prepared by analyzing the questions of previous years. We have prepared the suggestions from reliable sources. This suggestion will be able to meet your preparation demands. You can say that the preparation of your SSC is impossible without a suggestion. There is a great need for suggestions to prepare for any exam. Hopefully, now you can understand how much the SSC suggestion is needed.

SSC Suggestion 2024 All Subjects

The SSC examination this year is going to start across the country at the same time from upcoming February. During the exam, no one has enough time to cover the whole syllabus. At that time, the SSC short suggestion is like a blessing for all. We have presented the selected suggestions for all of you that are made by a group of expert teachers. We believe that our suggestion will be of great help to you. Our suggestions have been made giving the importance to the necessary questions. If you can study following this suggestion, it can be said that you will get common almost everything. However, we do not guarantee 100% common from this suggestion. Nobody can give the guarantee though.


The features of our suggestion at one glance

  • Suggestions in PDF file.
  • Suggestions for all boards.
  • Suggestions are made by experienced teachers.
  • Different suggestions for different subjects.
  • Group based suggestions.
  • Special suggestion has been added.

SSC exam Suggestion

SSC Suggestion General Subjects

Subjects that are applicable to all groups are called common subjects. The short suggestions of those are given below.

 SSC Suggestion for Science

The suggestion of the subjects of science is given below.

SSC Suggestion for Commerce / Business Studies

Look at the suggestions of the commerce group.

  • Accounting Suggestion.
  • Business Studies suggestion.
  • Finance and banking suggestion.

SSC Suggestion for Humanities / Arts

The suggestion for the Department of Humanities/ Arts is given below.

  • Civic suggestion.
  • Geography suggestion.
  • Economics Suggestion.
  • History of Bangladesh Suggestion.
  • Bangladesh and World Affairs Suggestion.

Special suggestions for SSC exam

For more carefulness, we have provided a special suggestion here. It will be very useful in the exam preparation. Download our special suggestion as a PDF file.

All Education Boards SSC Suggestion 2024

Although the textbook is the same, the question papers of each board are different. So we would provide the board based suggestions accordingly. No education board will be excluded from our list of suggestions. Your job is to download the PDF file of your own board. SSC suggestion 2024 of each board is given below.

SSC Students

SSC Suggestion 2024 Dhaka Board

Dhaka Board is the oldest education board in the country. It is also called the country’s main education board. Under this board, there is held kind of tight-level exams. So the preparation needs to be taken the same way. We have prepared separate suggestions for the Dhaka board keeping your fact in mind. Now download the latest suggestion of Dhaka board.

Download SSC Suggestion 2024 Dhaka Board here.

SSC Suggestion 2024 Chittagong Board

This is the only education board for the hill region of the country. The Chittagong education board also has quite ancient traditions. We have come up with the special suggestions for you. Basically, the suggestion has been made by analyzing the questions of last few years of the Chittagong board exams. You can safely download it and take your preparation.

Download SSC Suggestion 2024 Chittagong Board here.

SSC Suggestion 2024 Comilla Board

Comilla board has a lot of reputations as the emerging board of the country. Here the exam is very tight. So there is nothing to fear. We are here with suggestions for you. After following our suggestions, your exam preparation will be very easy. But just the suggestion is not enough for the exam. You have to read beyond the suggestion. Download SSC Suggestion 2024 Comilla Board here.

SSC Suggestion 2024 Sylhet Board

This is the country’s smallest education board. However, the students of Sylhet Board always do very good results in the SSC. We have brought a nice short suggestion for you so that you can break all records of the past. Download it and keep reading. Download SSC Suggestion 2024 Sylhet Board here.

SSC Suggestion 2024 Barisal Board

Barisal means the Venice of Bengal. The whole division is surrounded by the rivers. Barisal education board consists of Barisal division. We have come up with the special short suggestion so that you do not have to lag behind from others for the preparation of the exam. Download SSC Suggestion 2024 Barisal Board here.

SSC Suggestion 2024 Mymensingh Board

The first SSC examination is going to start under the Mymensingh board this year. Are you so afraid of that? There is no need to fear. Examination in this board will also be like all other boards. Our suggestion will be of great help to you. Download SSC Suggestion 2024 Mymensingh Board here.

SSC Suggestion 2024 Dinajpur Board

Dinajpur education board has been formed for a decade. In the meantime, the students of this board have created a great response among many with their best results. With the continuation of the past, we believe that you will do good results this year also. We want to be a part of the preparation of your exam with special suggestions. Download the suggestion. Download SSC Suggestion 2024 Dinajpur Board here.

 SSC Suggestion 2024 Rajshahi Board

Rajshahi board is one of the old education boards of the country. Exam on this board is also tough. However, there is nothing to fear. We are here with a short suggestion. You just continue your study according to the suggestions given by us. Hopefully, you will get most of the common questions in the exams. Now download the PDF file below. Download SSC Suggestion 2024 Rajshahi Board here.

SSC Suggestion 2024 Jessore Board

Though Jessore is not a division, it is an education board. SSC examinations this year will also be held under the board like the other boards. We have come up with a short suggestion at the last moment so that you can have better preparation. It is made by the experts. Now have a look at the suggestion. Download SSC Suggestion 2024 Jessore Board here.

SSC Suggestion 2024 All Subjects

So long we have provided the board-based suggestion. Now we would provide the Subject-based suggestion. The suggestion for each subject is given below.

SSC final / Short suggestion 2024

Now we will give the final suggestions. It will help you a lot at the night before the exam. So now download the final suggestion. Hopefully, this suggestion will be very effective for you.