SSC ICT Suggestion 2022 with Question Patterns and Model Test Paper

SSC ICT Suggestion 2022 with Question Patterns and Model Test Paper. ICT is a newly coming subject. For this reason, many students underestimate this and make a great mistake. But there is nothing else to do. If you do not take your preparation well in the ICT then you cannot make the desired result. We have come up with the SSC ICT suggestion to help you with your ICT preparation.

All are explained in details in our SSC ICT suggestion. Here you will get the suggestions, model questions, and marks distribution. So let us now have a look at the detail of the suggestion without any delay.

Best ICT suggestion 2022 For SSC Exam

We will give you an excellent ICT suggestion. Here you will get the detailed instructions for preparing ICT. Our suggestion is sorted by chapter-based. So it is much more effective. We did not offer the suggestion in shortcuts like others. Remember, there is no way to success in shortcuts. You must study more to get better results. Our very best suggestions have been made by some IT experts. Our suggestion will work for you as a mentor. So you should not take it for granted at all.

SSC Islam Suggestion 2022

SSC ICT Exam Mark Distribution

To know mark distribution in ICT is very important. If you know the mark distribution, it will be easier for you to answer the necessary questions. If you do not know, then it will be seen that you have made extra answers in some cases and left questions unanswered where necessary. The full marks distribution of ICT is given below.

  1. There are 50 marks for the written part. The marks distribution of these 50 marks is given below.
  • You have to answer 5 creative questions. The value of each question is 10.
  • Each question will have 4 parts. The first question is knowledgeable and the mark for this is 1. The second question will be understandable and the mark for this is 2. The third question is explanatory and the mark for this is 3. The fourth and last question will be essay type or descriptive, for which the allocated marks are 4.
  1. For MCQ part, there are 25 marks. You have to answer 25 multiple choice questions. There will be an equal amount of questions for this. The value of each question is 1.
  2. The marks allocation for the viva and practical is 25 marks.

SSC ICT Exam Question Paper

We are now giving you the question paper. You will get an idea about the questions after seeing this. We will give it in the image format. You can download the image if you want. Keep in mind that you will get the same question pattern in the exam as like as the question paper here is given. So now from this question paper, take a look at how to answer which section, how many questions you need to answer etc.

ICT Model Test Paper for SSC Exam

Before providing the suggestion, we would like to give you a model test paper. This model test paper is very important. From this, you can take your preparation for the exam. It will give you a good idea about the syllabus. Now, look at our special model test paper.

SSC ICT Short suggestion 2022

Now we are going to end your wait for the suggestion. We have brought the PDF suggestion for you. This is a very good quality short suggestion. Download it from our site. The suggestion includes all the important questions. If you can take your preparation according to the suggestion, you will surely be succeeded. Download the SSC ICT PDF suggestion from here.

SSC ICT Short suggestion

Final Words

Hopefully, you all will be benefitted greatly from our suggestions. We always want you to make the best results. We are waiting for your wonderful results.