SSC Bangla 1st paper Suggestion 2022 and syllabus, Model Question

SSC Bangla 1st paper Suggestion 2022 and syllabus, Model Question. Basically, the SSC examination of the year 2022 will start by the Bangla first paper exam. Although many students think that Bengal is an easy subject, it is not a subject to take it for granted. If you do not prepare properly, there is also a chance to put yourself in risk. We have come up with a special short suggestion so that you can easily take your preparation. This suggestion is much more effective that works similar to a mentor. The SSC Bangla 1st paper Suggestion will contain all the directions you need. So now see our SSC Bangla 1st paper Suggestion from the beginning to the ending.

Why you need Bangla 1st paper Suggestion

Bengali is our mother tongue. Therefore, Bangla first paper is exam is taken on this language. Those who think that Bangla is a simple subject for that you do not need a suggestion, now let us tell them the syllabus is huge. It is a very difficult task to take the preparation by selecting the important questions oneself from there. But the experts can easily do this. Those who make suggestions are very skilled teachers. Suggestions will present you in front of a skilled teacher and touch of which you can take the best preparation in a short time. That is why every student needs suggestions for Bangla first paper.

SSC Bangla 1st paper Mark Distribution

Many of you do not know about the number distribution of different questions and the number of questions in which section will be answered and so on. That is why they have to face a lot of troubles in the exam hall. However, if you know the distribution of marks beforehand, then you can take part in the exam without any tension. We have come up with the full Bangla 1st paper marks distribution so that you do not have to be screwed in any way regarding the exam. So let us take a look at the marks distribution system of Bangla 1st paper. Lets check SSC Math Suggestion 2022.

  1. There will be 70 marks for creative questions. The mark distribution of each of which has given below.
  • There will be 4 questions from the prose section. You have to answer 3 questions and the mark of which is 30.
  • There will be 3 questions from the poetry section. You have to answer any 2 questions as you prefer and the mark of which is 20.
  • In the rapid reader novel section, there will be 2 questions and you will need to answer one and the mark of which is 10.
  • There will be 2 questions from the rapid reader drama section. You have to answer any one you wish and the mark of which is 10.
  1. There will be 30 questions from the multiple choice question part and the mark of which is 30. You have to answer all of the questions. The value of each question is 1.

SSC Bangla 1st paper Question Pattern

You need to have a little idea about what the question pattern will be like. That is why we have provided the question pattern. Taking preparation will be much easier for you if you have an idea about it beforehand. We will now present the question model in front of you with a pattern of questions.

  • The creative part will have 11 questions. From there you have to answer three questions in the prose section, two questions in the poetry section, one question in the rapid reader novel section and one question in the rapid reader drama section that means you have to answer to a total of 7 questions. The value of each question is 10. Each question will have 4 parts. Those are given below.
  1. For the knowledge base question, there will be 1 mark.
  2. For the intuitive question, there will be 2 marks.
  3. You have to explain a question and mark for which is 3.
  4. Finally, you will have to answer one easy type question and mark of which is 4.
  • There will be 30 MCQs. There are 4 options for each question. You have to fill the circle of the correct answer. Thus, you have to answer all the questions.

Bangla 1st paper model question 2022

You will be given a model question by which you will be shown the effectiveness of our suggestions. In addition, if you want to be able to prepare yourself with such a model question.  The model questions are only given to explain the sample. Here we have provided a complete model question of Bangla 1st paper. So let us have a look at that.

SSC Bangla 1st paper Suggestion 2022

Now here comes your most desired Bangla 1st paper Suggestion. You should not delay and download it now. Then you can read the suggestion without the internet connection. So now download the PDF file of the suggestion of Bangla 1st paper. The suggestion contains the detailed instructions.

Download Full Suggestion PDF

Last Words

Hopefully, you all will benefit greatly from our SSC Bangla 1st paper Suggestion. Before the moment of your exam, we believe the suggestion will be very useful for you. We are hoping a nice result from all of you.