SSC Chemistry Suggestion 2024 with Model Test Paper

SSC Chemistry Suggestion 2024 with Model Test Paper. The most horrifying subject name for the science background students is probably chemistry. So everyone is very fearful about chemistry. The chemical action and reaction are not so easy to remember. It is probably impossible to take preparation on own in such a difficult subject. That is why a good quality suggestion is needed for preparing in chemistry. But where will you get a good suggestion?

Yes, you will get the SSC chemistry Suggestion from us. It has been made keeping in mind the purpose of doing your best results. We will give the SSC chemistry suggestion in the PDF format. You just have to download it. So let us have a look at the chemistry suggestion.

Why You Need SSC Chemistry Suggestion

Your chemistry text book is huge. The book has been made huge so that you can have a better understanding of every topic. But the question in the exam will not be asked from the whole book. The question will be asked from certain chapters and topics which are important for your future life. For a student, it is difficult to choose those important sections. But teachers and previous examiners can do the job well. That is because they are experienced in this work. The suggestions are basically made by the teachers and examiners. The suggestions will show you the way to prepare for the exam. Without the suggestion, you will not be able to make your way in the huge text book. So for the chemistry subject, the suggestion is badly needed. See more: SSC Biology Suggestion 2024 PDF

SSC Chemistry Suggestion All Board

We are going to provide the separate PDF suggestions for chemistry for all the boards. Now download the SSC Suggestion 2024 of your own board from the following link.

Chemistry Marks Distribution of SSC Exam

Now we would like to discuss the marks distribution. If you know the mark distribution system, you do not have to worry about which question you need to answer after getting the question paper in the exam hall. So let us take a look at how the chemistry mark distribution system is.

  1. There are 50 marks allocated for the creative section. There will be 8 creative questions. You can answer any 5 questions you like. The value of each question is 10. Each question will again be divided into 4 different sections.
  2. For MCQ part, the mark is 25. You will need to answer for objective separately. There will be a total of 25 questions. You have to answer all. The value of each question is 1.
  3. For the practical and viva part, the allocation of the marks is 25 for which you have to sit for a separate exam.

SSC Chemistry Question Pattern

The question pattern of chemistry exam is given below.

  • Theoretical 75 marks and Practical 25 marks.
  • In the Theoretical 75 marks, there are 50 marks for the creative part and 25 marks for the MCQ part.
  • In the creative part, there will be 8 questions among which you have to answer any 5 questions.
  • Each creative question will have a total of 4 questions on knowledgeable, understandable, explanatory and essay type questions.
  • All questions in the MCQ part will need to be answered.
  • For the practical part, the exam will be taken in 3 ways such as experiment, presenting the result with explanation and viva.

Chemistry Model Question 2024 Top School

Regular exams are held in some top schools in the country. So the students there are always engaged with the exams. There come a lot of common questions in the exam from these models questions. So these are also very important. We have collected model questions from different renowned schools of the country through our sources and presented it here for you. You can practice these questions. Now take a look at the model questions of country’s top schools.

SSC Chemistry Suggestion 2024

Now we would like to present to you the very best and desired chemistry suggestion. The suggestion is quite helpful. Here the possible questions are highlighted. Test your acquired knowledge after getting the suggestion. Read the topics that were not covered. Now do not delay downloading the SSC chemistry Suggestion PDF.

SSC short Chemistry Suggestion SSC short Chemistry Suggestion

Final Words

Finally, we would like to say that if you know the various chemical symbols, actions-reactions, functions, formulas, then the exam will be very easy for you. We have provided the best suggestion here. Whether you use it or not totally depend on you.