Traffic Jam Paragraph For HSC, SSC & class 8 Exam

Traffic Jam Paragraph For HSC, SSC & JSC Exam. This article will help you to know more about the traffic jam and you will be able to write a good paragraph on traffic jam in your exams. So, students should carefully read this paragraph on traffic jam and remember it by heart. We will try to keep it simple for you.

Traffic Jam Paragraph

Traffic jam is a very common incident in cities and towns. Often, we see vehicles are stuck in the road and can barely move. This situation is called a traffic jam. It is one of the major problems in our civil life. Traffic jam causes a great loss in our working hours thus affects our economy. Thousands of hours are wasted on the road in our cities daily. There are many causes behind the traffic jam. First of all, our cities are not built with a good plan. That is why roads are very narrow. As we have an increasing population day by day, it also causes traffic jam. Roads are often packed with vehicles and even emergency vehicles can’t move because of this. Our roads are even narrowed down often for different development works and maintenance. As our economy is growing, people are buying more cars every day. It also causes traffic jam to a great extent. Moreover, most of the drivers are not educated and trained properly. Most of them also don’t have a license to drive on the roads. They don’t know about the rules and regulations and drive at their own will. Often, we see public bus drivers compete with each other to go ahead and they also overtake even in the busy narrow roads. This causes a traffic jam. Police are also responsible for this problem as they don’t have any modern facility to control the traffic properly. They still control vehicles with manual signals and it often causes traffic jam. As our cities are being polluted day by day, it is hazardous to health to be in a traffic jam for a long time. But no one is there to solve the problem. Traffic jam can be reduced in different ways. At first, we have to construct wider roads for easy movement. Roads should always be clear for the traffic. Then, the licensing authority should take steps to train the drivers properly and they should be tested. Modern technology should be implemented on roads so that traffic police can control everything virtually. Not only this but also people should be fined properly who don’t obey the traffic laws. In this way, we can reduce the traffic jam greatly. As traffic jam affects our daily life, it will be much easier for us to work if traffic jam is reduced or vanished. And the economy will grow faster if there is no traffic jam.

Traffic Jam
Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam Paragraph For Class 8

Traffic jam is a long queue of vehicles on a road that cannot move or that can move very slowly. Nowadays, traffic jam is a common problem in our towns and cities. It causes great sufferings to the passengers and the passers-by. mostly the increasing number of vehicles causes traffic jam. Day by day, the number of vehicles is increasing to meet the needs of the increased population. But the roads are not increasing in that proportion. Many vehicles moving on the same road at a time cause traffic jam. Many drivers do not abide by traffic rules. Besides, the traffic police are not sincere. The tendency of the bus drivers and conductors to get more and more passengers also causes traffic jam. Some drivers stop buses here and there and board and unboard passenger. This hampers the movement of other vehicles and causes traffic jam. The unlimited number of rickshaws plying on the streets is another cause of traffic jam. The general people are to face untold sufferings. They become late in their working places. Students, employees, businessmen, workers all are to suffer tremendously for this. During traffic jam, we feel extremely bored as it kills our valuable time. To relieve the passengers of the suffering of traffic jam, some steps should be taken by the government. The drivers who do not abide by traffic rules should be punished. The traffic authority should be active to enforce the traffic rules and maintain the discipline on the roads.

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