The Importance/Significance of the speech of 7th March for SSC & HSC

On 7 March 1971 in the then Race Course Ground (present Swhrawandly Uddyan) before a huge mass Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation delivered a speech. This speech is called historical 7 March speech. The speech is a mile stone to the Bangles. The speech was greatly related to our national history. In his speech Shleikh Mujib put up all the oppression and cruelty of Pakistani rulers. He gave directions to the common people. He a serv requested them to stop official activities. He also told them how he was tortured by the Pakistani rulers. He informed that he did not want the office of Prime Minister; he wanted emancipation. He requested all to make a fort in every home. He also requested them to get ready what they had. He said that if they were united, none could exploit them. This was thee last speech delivered by Bangabandhu before the liberation war. This speech was very inspiring too the people of the then East Pakistan (Present Bangladesh). Finally people of all walks of life fought against the Pakistani rulers and got independence. So, the importance of 7th speech is immeasurable. Even to value the speech UNESCO has recognized this historical speech of 7th March as part of the world’s documentary heritage.