Pubali Bank Exam Question Solution 2022 (Junior Officer)

Pubali Bank Exam Question Solution 01 March 2022 , Pubali Bank Recruitment Exam Question Paper Solution To The Exam Was Held On 01-03-2022 Friday. Pubali Bank Exam Question Solution 2022 has been published. Pubali Bank Ltd. (PBL) has published job circular on Various categorizes post. Pubali Bank Ltd. (PBL) is one of the largest private bank in Bangladesh. Pubali Bank Ltd

Exam Name: Junior Officer

Exam Type: MCQ

Organization Name: Pubali Bank Limited

Exam Date: 01 March 2022

Exam Time: 10 AM to 11 AM

Pubali Bank Exam Question Solution

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Pubali Bank Junior Officer: English Question Solution

Choose Antonym

  1. Virtue-Vice
  2. Assent-Dissent
  3. Relentless-Yielding
  4. Evasive-Explicit
  5. Hostility-Friendship

Choose One Word Substitution

  1. Yearly Celebration-Anniversary
  2. A Person interested in reading books-Bookworm
  3. Who studies formation of the earth-Geologist
  4. A tank in which fish are kept-Aquarium
  5. One who sacrifices his life for a cause-Martyr

Choose the correct Synonym

  1. Opulent-Rich
  2. Transform-Change
  3. Recapitulation-Capture
  4. Complacent-Satisfied
  5. Visceral-Bodily

Choose Correctly spelt word

  1. Vacuum
  2. Sanguine
  3. Miscellaneous
  4. Orthopedic
  5. Broadcast

Fill in the gap with Proper Word

  1. Agreed with
  2. Whom
  3. Have been
  4. Crept
  5. Down

Pubali Bank Junior Officer: GK Question Solution

  1. Two valiant freedom fighters who have been awarded `Bir Protik’ title-
    Ans: Dr. setara Begum & Taramon Bibi
  2. During the war of Liberation, Barisal was under sector number-
    Ans: 9
  3. Who was the Finance Minister of Mujibnagar Government?
    Ans: Captain M Mansur Ali
  4. General AK Niazi Surrendered at-
    Ans: Suhrawardy udyan
  5. Who was the main singer of the `Concert for Bangladesh’ in 1971?
    Ans: George Harrison
  6. What is the global rank of Bangladesh in terms of population?
    Ans: 8th
  7. Which cricketer has scored fastest century in ODI Cricket?
    Ans: AB De Villiars
  8. Which of the following is the deepest river in the world?
    Ans: Congo
  9. Which of these organisations has been awarded the nobel prize three times?
    Ans: International Committee of Red Cross
  10. A megabyte is actually equal to____ kilobytes.
    Ans: 1024
  11. A Groupware is a___.
    Ans: software
  12. The High Commissioner of India to Bangladesh who has been appointed as the new Indian Ambassador to USA_____.
  13. Ans: Hasha Vardhan Shringla
  14. Which of the following Indian states has a boundary with Myanmar as well as Bangladesh?
    Ans: Mizoram
  15. What is the name of the Central Bank of India?
    Ans: Reserve Bank of India
  16. As per world Bank criteria, Bangladesh has been graduated to the lower middle income status in the year___.
    Ans: 2015
  17. Who was the promoter of Chinese `one belt one road’ initiative?
    Ans: Xi Jinping
  18. The procedure for starting or re-starting a computer is called____.
    Ans: Booting
  19. Antivirus software is a type of___.
    Ans: Utility software
  20. `RAM’ Stands for____.
    Ans: Random Access Memory
  21. Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of___.
    Ans: all of the above
  22. who has been awarded posthumous `Ekushey Padak’ in 2022?
    Ans: Humayun Faridi
  23. which district of Bangladesh was a part of Assam?
    Ans: Sylhet
  24. which river of Bangladesh has its origin in Tibet?
  25. According to Article 48 of Constitution of Bangladesh, what should be the minimum age of the president?
    Ans: 35
  26. The currency of Japan is known as___.
    Ans: Yen

Pubali Bank Exam Question Solution Trainee Assistant Officer

1. Post Name: Pubali Bank Trainee Assistant Junior Officer (Cash)

Exam Date: 15 February 2022, Exam Time: 10.00 AM to 11:00 AM

Vacancy was: 500

English Part Solution:

Fill in the Gap….

1. A good judge never jumps — he conclusion. Ans: at

2. The mother was anxious ——– the safety of her son. Ans: about

3. Give an example pertinent ______ the case. Ans: to 

4. It is not always easy to sympathies —–an unfortunate man. Ans: with

5. It is dangerous to intrude …………………. the enemy camp. Ans: into

Misspelled word (Question was wrong)

6. Perimeter

7. Feasible

8. Habits

9. Navigation

10. Suggest


11. Flux-change

12. Copious- abundant

13. knotty-difficult

14. glib-flattering

Opposite word:

15. Curb-restriction

16. Autonomous-dependent

17. Abysmal-beneath

18. Feral-tame

19. Abstinence-Indulgence

20. Intimate-Distance

One Word substitution:

21. Stage of growth between boyhood and youth. Ans: Adolescence

22. One who eats everything. Ans: Omnivorous

23. One who conceals his identity as a writer under an assumed pen name. Ans: Pseudonym

24. An organ of body cut off by surgery. Ans: Amputation

25. A person who looks at the dark side of everything. Ans: Pessimist

বাংলা অংশ সমাধানঃ

২৬. শিউলিমালা লিখেছেন- কাজী নজরুল

২৭. না পড়ে পন্ডিত” অর্থ- ডিগ্রী বিহীন পন্ডিত

২৮. শব্দের বাংলা পরিভাষা- আনুতোষিক

২৯. নিচের কোন বানানটি শুদ্ধ- ত্রুটি

৩০. দিবারাত্রির কাব্য একটি- উপন্যাস

৩১. জলের রেখা, খলে এর বিপরীত – অর্থ- ক্ষণস্থায়ী

৩২. নিচের কোন বিপরীত শব্দ জোর অশুদ্ধ- আবাশ্যিক- আংশিক

৩৩. কড়চা কি- শ্রী চৈতন্যদেবের জীবনী গ্রন্থ

৩৪. বিষাদ সিন্ধু কোন সমাস- রূপক কর্মধারয়

৩৫. যতদিন রবে পদ্মা মেঘনা যমুনা বহমান ততদিন রবে কীর্তি তোমার শেখ মুজিবুর রহমান- অন্নদাশঙ্কর রায়

৩৬. নিচের কোনটি কন্যা শব্দের সমার্থক- আত্মজা

৩৭. গায়ে পড়া শব্দটির বাগধারা- অযাচিত

৩৮. নিচের কোনটি তৎসম শব্দ- বঙ্কিম

৩৯. ঐহিক শব্দের বিপরীত শব্দ- পারত্রিক

৪০. নিচের কোনটি নিত্য স্ত্রীবাচক শব্দ- বিধবা

৪১. ডানায় ভর দিয়ে চলা অর্থ- শূন্যেলোকে ভাসা

৪২. মানিন শব্দের স্ত্রীবাচক শব্দ- মানিনী

৪৩. কোন পুরুষবাচক- নারী বাচক শব্দ জট অশুদ্ধ- ভাই- বোনাই

৪৪. উপাচার্য শব্দটি কোন উপসর্গ- সংস্কৃত বা তাৎসম

৪৫. উজানের কৈ “ বাগধারার অর্থ- সহজলভ্য

৪৬. নিচের কোন বিপরীত শব্দযুগল শুদ্ধ নয়- উত্তম- মধ্যম

৪৭. ভাষার মৌলিক অংশ নয় কোনটি- ছন্দ

৪৮. উৎকর্ষ শব্দটির বিপরীত শব্দ কোনটি- অপকর্ষ

৪৯. নিচের কোনটি খাঁটি বাংলা উপসর্গ- ইতিহাস

৫০. মনীষা শব্দের শুদ্ধ উচ্চারণ কোনটি- মোনিশা


Math Part Solution:

51. 17

52. 7/8

53. 27

54. 5

55. 7:15

56. 100

57. 0.8

58. 3

59. 698

60. 20

61. 176

62. 252

63. 978626

64. 0.005

65. 24

66. 21.6 KM

67. 11080

68. 297.801

69. 2

70. 4

71. 8388.80

72. 36

73. 82 KM

74. 1

75. 17:3

General Knowledge Solution:

76. UNESCO was established in–? Ans: 1945 ( 16 November)

77. The total number of member of UN secretary council? Ans: 15 (5 permanent members and 10 non permanent) 

78. Which country will host the 2022 Cricket World cup? Ans: England and Wales

79. When the Bangabandhu Satellite-1 launched successfully into the space?  Ans: May 12, 2022

80. What are the average life expectancy in Bangladesh? Ans: 72

81. Which sector has the highest GDP contribution of Bangladesh? Ans:Service

82. Which one is known as Mangrove forest in Bangladesh? Ans: Sundarbans

83. Which one is the smallest district in bangladesh in term of land area? Ans: Narayanganj

84. When was the constitution of bangladesh adopted? Ans: 4 November 1972

85. What is the ratio of length and breadth of Bangladesh national flag? Ans: 10:6

86. According to CERB, what is the rank of Bangladesh Economy among the largest economy in the world? Ans: 41

87. Which one is the natural satellite of earth? Ans: Moon

88. Who invented the computer mouse? Ans: Douglas Engelbart

89. Which is known as the land of rising sun? Ans: Japan

90. When is human rights day observed? Ans: December 10

91. Who is popularly known as Ghandhi of Srilanka? Ans: A.T. Ariyaratne

92. How many stripes are on the American flag? Ans: 13

93. Who was the first governor of Bangladesh Bank? Ans: ANM Hamidullah

94. DPI stands for? Ans: Dots Per Inch

95. WWW stands for? Ans: World Wide Web

96. Who is the father of modern computer? Ans: Alan Turing

97. What is the GDP per capita of Bangladesh in USD? 1751

98. Nobel prize in economics 2022? Ans: Paul Romer And William Nordhaus

99. What is the name of currency of Myanmar? Ans: kyat

100. The Padma Bridge will has a total—-spans. Ans: 41

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