PSC English Suggestion 2021 & Question Pattern

PSC English Suggestion 2021 will help a lot if you want to do well in English in PSC. Because most of the students are weak in English. Since English is a foreign language, our weakness for English remains. However, if you follow some technique and prepare by following the suggestion, it is possible to get better results without knowing good English. By following the suggestion, the study will be less, but the preparation will be extensive.

The PSC English Suggestion will guide you into fulfilling the role of a mentor. Therefore, you should follow the Suggestions and take preparation. There is no option to prepare appropriately if you want good results. And good preparation demands good quality Suggestion. You can see for yourself now, how good the suggestion we are offering is.

PSC English Suggestion 2021

Many find it difficult to understand English, so they do not put much stock on preparing for the English exam. This is not the right thing to do. Failure to prepare well can result in bad results in English. Because of which you will not achieve your dream of getting A+.However, as conscious seniors, we can’t let that happen. So we will give you a suggestion that will make the subject easy, not a source of fear for you. Prepared by experienced people, there will be many tips for a better result. Those who want to prepare themselves well for the exam in a short time give our suggestion a try.

Why is our suggestion special?

  • Detailed mark distribution of each question
  • Formulation of question papers in light of the syllabus.
  • Analysis of the question structure
  • To give an idea about the syllabus.
  • Model questions for preparation.
  • A suggestion made by the most talented students.

When will the English exam be held?

Your PSC exam will start with English, which will begin at 10.30 am on November 17. The test will run for two and a half hours till 1 pm.

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PSC English Marks distribution 

Many people skip the answer to the mandatory questions by not knowing the marks distribution.To avoid these problems, we will highlight the whole mark distribution here. Let’s get acquainted with the English standard distribution and the question pattern.

  1. Four questions need to be answered from the seen passage. For this, 33 marks are allotted. These questions are:
    1. Column matching or clause test- 5 marks.
    2. Six true or false questions. One mark for each, a total of six marks.
    3. Six short answer questions. 2 marks for each, total 12 marks.
    4. A Composition is to be written in light of the passage. The question will tell you the topic of the letter. Twelve marks are allotted for it.
  2. Four questions need to be answered from the unseen passage. For this, 31 marks are allotted. These questions are:
    1. Fill in the blanks in light of clause test- 5 marks for five blanks.
    2. Six true or false questions. One mark for each total of six marks.
    3. Five short answer questions. 2 marks for each, total ten marks.
    4. A letter, to be written in light of the passage. The question will tell you the topic of the letter. Ten marks are allotted for it.
  3. There will be five sentences. You need to convert them into ‘Wh’ questions. The allotted marks for this is 10.
  4. You would have to give answers by following a doctor’s prescription. Six marks are allotted for this.
  5. You would have to fill in the blacks by using the right time. For this, five marks are assigned.
  6. Ten marks for arranging and rewriting.
  7. Five marks for completing the information.

Download PSC English Suggestion 2021

Without farther adieu, I am now giving you the desired suggestion. Don’t forget to download the suggestion as this is a special one. So taking preparation in light of this one will have an impact on the exam. So if you want to get the suggestion, download it now from our server.

Seen Passages (Question No: 1-4)

  • What food is good ————- we need to make good choices.
  • A long time ago ———— leave the building quietly.
  • My home district is Kishoreganj ———— I love my home district.
  • A person birthday is a special day ———– spend time with friends and family.
  • On 14th December our class ———– we will never forget.
  • It’s a beautiful spring day ———– she was born.
  • Last January I went to ———— in our tents.
  • Babul and his family ————- fish flying through the sky.

Unseen Passages (Question No: 5-8) 

  • There lived a woodcutter ——– began to live happily.
  • Once there were two friends ——– he went away.
  • Helen killer was ——- at the age of 88.
  • Meena Raju Live in a small house —- happy family.
  • A farmer had three sons ——– anybody can harm you.
  • People say that health is wealth ——- feelings and emotion.
  • Long ago, a young man found life ——- found himself again in a family.
  • On a bright sunny day, a crow stole a piece of meat ——– went away.
  • Once there was a lion ——- ones can help big ones.
  • It is December —- are having fun.
  • It was a hot summer day. A man was ——– left the place.
  • Long long ago, there was a king ——- got back his kingdom.
  • The independence of Bangladesh was —— basic rights to its people.
  • Sofia is 24 years old ——– one reason or another.
  • Once an Ant was thirsty ——— the life of the dove.
  • Sheikh Sadi.
  • Bayejid Bostami.

Question No-10

  • Daily activities.
  • Keep your body healthy.
  • Becoming a good student.
  • Doing well in the exam.

PSC English Question Pattern

If you know the question pattern, you can answer with a relaxed mind at the examination hall. Here you will find the value assigned to each question.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, your test preparation is moving at a lightning pace. Hopefully, our PSC English Suggestion will be more helpful in your preparation.