JSC English Suggestion 2022 with Question Pattern

Are you worried about English as your JSC final exam 2022 is very near to you? Don’t worry because we are here with the JSC English Suggestion 2022 for you. You will be glad to know that this year we have prepared our suggestion by the most experienced and renowned teachers coming from throughout the country. They have jointly worked hard doing in-depth research and finally come up with this Exclusive suggestion. So, it will be 100% common.

Why do you need English 1st Paper Suggestion

You know that English is the hardest subject among all your subjects. Right? Therefore, we find every year most of the students either fail in English or simply they can’t secure A+ in English. As a result, many a student fails to get overall A+ or simply fail in JSC final exam. Consequently, we can see every year that the board’s percentage is hampered for English. It’s alarming for the overall result.

And it is well known that the students of Bangladesh are especially weak in English. It’s because English is a foreign language. So, most of the students are weak in grammar and writing skills generally. As a result, they fail in English or can’t acquire good marks in English in any public exam.

JSC Bangla Suggestion 2022

As the writing part is completely based on the free handwriting skill, a student doesn’t know what will come in the exam question. Am I right? Here is the problem. As you don’t have free-hand writing skills and also don’t know what will come in the writing part, how will you answer the writing questions like paragraph, essay, composition, and many other items? Here our suggestion is needed for you.

JSC Suggestion 2022 All Subjects PDF

Whether you want to check your fail in English or easily get A+ in English; you should follow our SPECIAL suggestion. As you know our suggestion is a SPECIAL one because it is carefully prepared by the best teachers throughout the country, you will find all the questions in writing part common. It will help you to secure A+ with 90+ marks easily as all the questions would be 100% common.

JSC English Suggestion All Board

As we can feel your need, we have directed our expert teaches to make a suggestion that is applicable for all boards. So, they have deeply gone through this matter. And finally, they have made such a suggestion which would be common for all boards. I mean all the students from Dhaka board, Comilla board, Chittagongboard, Sylhet Board, Rajshahi Board, Jessore board, and Dinajpur board can follow it and download it to take a final preparation. You will find all the questions common from the suggestion as it is specially prepared thinking all the students from all boards.

JSC English Mark Distribution

Do you know JSC English Mark Distribution? If not, know it right now. It’s very important. Yes, I say it’s very important because if you don’t know the latest mark distribution, it will hamper your performance in the exam hall. So, if don’t know the English marks distribution, download it right now from here. I will help you to answer all the questions perfectly in the exam hall letting you distribute the time for each question.

Part A: Seen Part [ Marks: 20]

1. Chose the correct answer – (7×1) 7
2. The answer to the questions – (4×2) 8
3. Fill in the gaps without the clue -( 5×1) 5

Part B: Unseen Part [ Marks: 25]

4. Complete the table – ( 5×1) 5
5. True or False – ( 5×1) 5
6. Fill in the gaps with the clue – (10×0.5) 5
7. Fill in the gaps without the clue – ( 5×1) 5
8. Sentences matching – ( 5×1) 5

Part C: Grammar Part [Marks: 25]

9. Fill in the blanks with given word(suffixes & Prefixes) – (10×0.5) 5
10. Fill in the blanks with articles – (10×0.5) 5
11. Changing Sentences – (5×1) 5
12. Passage rewrite – (1×5) 5
13. Punctuation – (10×0.5) 5

Part D: Writing Part [ Marks: 30]

14. Dialogue -10
15. Formal/Informal Email – 10
16. Paragraph – 10

JSC English Mark Distribution

JSC English Question Pattern 2022

This is another important issue which can hamper your overall performance in the exam hall. As you know English question pattern is frequently changed in Bangladesh.  So, you should know the latest one. Otherwise, how is it possible to do well in English? It’s quite impossible. Therefore, if you don’t know the JSC English Question Pattern 2022, you can get it from here. Downloading it now, you should get a clear idea of it. It will help you to make a good result in English.

JSC English 1st Paper Model Question 2022

You know JSC English is communicative English. And communicative English is totally based on practice. Without practicing, it’s not possible to earn good marks in English. Thinking that we have prepared some Exclusive model questions by our best teachers.

We have also collected a few more SPECIAL model questions from so many renowned schools of all education board. It’s sure you will get so many questions common from these model questions. So, you can download all the model questions to take a great preparation. It’s GREAT opportunity to go to the exam hall without any tension.

JSC English Suggestion 2022

As we told you we can feel your need, your desire, your aim and your struggle, we have come up with the JSC English Suggestion 2022 and published it already. Our suggestion is HOT and SHORT but remember it’s SPECIAL. So, if you follow our suggestion, you will find all the questions common in the exam hall and write down in the answer script smoothly. OKAY?

Last Word

Now you have the MAGIC at your hand for making an OUTSTANDING result in English. I mean you have our EXCLUSIVE JSC English Suggestion 2022 at your reach. Only you need to download it.

So, don’t make any delay to get our suggestion. Download it now, sit for the final preparation following the suggestion, you will do an AMAZING result getting A+ in English with 90+ marks.

Best of luck.