Climate Change Paragraph for class 8, SSC & HSC Exam

One of the most common paragraphs for the students to be written in the exam is “Climate change”. Students especially reading in secondary or higher secondary levels often search for Climate Change paragraph and a good paragraph can help them attain the desired result. So, we decided to help you with unique writing that will feature all the important aspects of climate change. To get the Climate Change paragraph, continue reading till the end.

Climate Change

Climate change is a major global concern now. Climate change means the changes in the climate. The climate on earth is constantly changing. There are many reasons for climate change. These are man made and natural. The natural causes are solar radiation, orbital variation, occan variability, earthquake, vulcanizing etc. We, human beings are cutting down trees for habitats and setting up mills and factories. These affect climate adversely. Climate change has a negative impact on human, animal and plants. Due to climate change polar ice is melting. As a result sea level is rising. Some part of the world have already gone under water. Thus climate change has made the people of the world concerned. To get rid of this problem the development countries have to reduce carbon emission. In addition, we all should plant more trees and make our plant fully green. Thus we can stop climate change and make our world, a suitable abode.

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