Class 6 Assignment Answer 2022 1st Week [All Subject]

Class 6 Assignment Answer 2022 for all subjects are published online on Students can now check the assignment grid, know how to download the Assignment, submit the Assignment, and evaluate it by the teachers.

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 Corona Virus, The government and DSHE is published the Online Based class six Assignment for Bangla, English, Mathematics, Science, Bangladesh and Global Studies (BGS), Information and communication technology (ICT), Agriculture, Religion subject.

As per the latest news, In March 2022, for the increase of covid-19 coronavirus, the education ministry couldn’t open classes, schools, and colleges.

After closing the class for a long time and the education system, the government has decided this in March 2022. They will evaluate the students based on Assignment. Now, The government has asked the institution to evaluate Class 6 (Six) students based on Assignment. Academic Activities of 400 Lacs have been stuck due to the current covid-19 situation.

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Students need to send 3 Assignments in a week to the schools. The instruction for Assignment is available at the Directorate of the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Department. They have to submit the Assignment in handwritten and submit the Assignment online or by the guardian.

Class Six Assignment 2022

Class six assignments for all subjects will publish online. The students now can check the questions and pattern, write the Assignment and submit it to the colleges. They will find a proper guideline on how to write class six assignments from

Every student studying in class six has to write the Assignment and submit it to the colleges every week. According to the assignment grid, 20-25 weeks of Assignment will continue for the students’ assessment.

If any students fail to submit the class six Assignment to the colleges, he/she will not be considered to promote to the next level.

Read the complete article to know the DSHE class six assignment status, answer, question and solutions, the writing process, and the submission guideline for the Assignment.

Assignment Roadmap:

Particulars : Information
Class Six Assignment Publish Date : 16th March 2022
1st Week Assignment Writing Date : 16th March 2022- 22 March 2022
Submissions to the colleges (1st Week) : 23rd March 2022

Class Six Assignment Questions 1st Week

How to Download Class 6 Assignment 2022

The students of class six can download the assignment instruction, questions and subject by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit- [The official website of directorate of secondary and higher secondary education]

Step 2: Scroll down to the notice board to check the assignment papers.

Step 3: Now, tap the notice to download the class six assignment (Questions paper, Instructions and Notice)

Do Students need to submit the Class Six Assignment Answer to the colleges? 

Class Six Assignments carry the promotion to the next class by the assessment of their answer. Every class, six students must submit the assignment answers to the college by the end of every week, offline or online.

As Students know, they need to get good remarks from the teachers to get promoted to the next class. Without these, they will not be able to participate in the final exam.

Guideline for Writing the Class Six Assignment Answer

Due to COVID 19 coronavirus, the colleges have been shut down. So, the students can do their Assignment in their home or coaching center, library, or any other place they think has the right environment.

Important things to remember at the time of writing assignment: 

  • Students have to write the answers in their own words. DSHE instructs the schools to follow specific rules for the no-plagiarism policy or coping with one another.
  • The main guidebook is the best way to find the answer.
  • The answer should be unique, Accuracy and relevant to the questions. Remember, Teachers will determine Outstanding Answers based on Accuracy and consistency of content.
  • When DSHE publishes the class six assignment, students should check immediately. Where we came to play, follow this post where we publish will the all the questions fast.
  • Make two copies of the Assignment. One is for submitting to the schools, and the other is for keeping at you for future preparation.

How to Submit Class 6 Assignment Answers Online 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, DSHE has published the questions online, and they instructed the students to submit the assignment answer to the schools’ authority.

However, Not all schools in Bangladesh have the privilege to take the submitted papers online because they lack human resources and knowledge. As per the students, it’s also the case.

But, some schools are taking the class six assignment online. Students are required to follow this instruction while submitting the Assignment online.

Step 1: First, Create a scanned copy of the handwritten solved Assignment [File should be in pdf format]

Step 2: Collect the method of sending the documents to the schools [It may on e-mail, Facebook messengers, or group]

Step 3: Submit the online Assignment along with the below-mentioned information.

  • Assignment Front Page (name, class, sections, school name, assignment title, course, etc.)
  • Body of the Assignment (Assignment Question Answer in 3-6 Pages)
  • Contact Details.

How to Submit Class Six Assignment Answers Manually in 2022: 

Students are required to visit their respective schools to submit the assignments for their courses.

It is necessary to submit the assignments before the end of each week. students should check the below process to offer the Assignment offline:

  • Write your Name, Class Information, Titles, and Submission Date on the top of the first page of the assignment answer.
  • Read the proper instruction given in the assignment questions paper.
  • Use A4 size paper for writing the answer and tie all the pages carefully.
  • You must answer each question separately and Separate the query answer.

Class Six Assignment 2022 1st Week

  • It is compulsory to submit the Class Six Assignment 2022 before the end of the first week.
  • Keep a copy for future references.
  • Please wait for the teachers’ assignment assessment or results and follow them in the next week’s Assignment.

How to Get Outstanding remarks in Class Six Assignment Answers

According to the experience, evaluation, and assessment method by the couple’s number of teachers, we saw a pattern to get outstanding marks in the assignment answers

  1. Keep it accurate, short, and relevant.
  2. Must complete the questions.
  3. Handwriting plays a role.
  4. Assignment cover page is an essential factor.
  5. Use white pages to write the assignment answer.

Class Six Assignment Answer FAQs:

What is the Questions Pattern for the Class Six Assignment ?

The questions pattern is Descriptive Questions, Short Questions, Creative Questions and Reports.

How to Download the Assignment Questions for Class Six ?

Visit- to download the questions paper for the class six assignment.

How to download class six assignment answers ?

Applicants need to visit- to find and download the questions and answer for class six.