10 Tips for BCS Preliminary Preparation BCS Exam Suggestion

10 Tips for BCS Preliminary Preparation. You want to take BCS preparation or BCS Preliminary preparation successfully, right?

But are you taking your BCS preparation adopting wrong strategies? Do you really know the right approach of taking BCS Preparation?

If you don’t know how to take BCS preparation, especially how to take BCS Preliminary preparation successfully, easily and effectively, then these following tips are for you.

I guess you’ve already started taking BCS exam preparation, especially BCS Preliminary preparation.

Yes, it is because you’re a smart guy and want to get a smart BCS cadre job!

Definitely, it is because you want to have a royal social status. You want power, honour, money, and so on. That’s why you need to pass the first tough-hurdle namely BCS Preliminary Exam and so you’re serious about your BCS Preparation.

BCS Preliminary Preparation Tips

I am now a BCS cadre officer and have been in my job since August, 2011 through qualifying 29th BCS exam. I wanted the same as you do now to pass BCS Preliminary Exam taking a rock-solid BCS Preliminary preparation. I had been dreaming to be a BCS cadre officer for quite a long time.

Have you been dreaming too?

Actually, if you don’t have a dream or aim, you will go nowhere. Perhaps, You’ll never be able to beat the monster-like the BCS Preliminary exam. If you’re serious and not casual, you can dream to be a BCS Cadre.

Of course, it is a tough journey to be a BCS cadre officer. But it is really achievable and you can comfortably get through BCS Preliminary Exam. Yes, you can make it happen if you follow the right strategies to take bcs exam preparation.

But do you know how to start off? How can you start preparing for BCS preliminary exam? Perhaps, you are beating about the bush. I doubt you have ventured some unnecessary things which are really NOT necessary to take a solid BCS preparation or an effective BCS Preliminary preparation.

Okay. Don’t feel hazy and utter helpless. Just follow my example and do what I did to take bcs preparation within a very short time:

Start taking BCS Exam Suggestion today to overcome the BCS Preliminary Exam hurdle.

Don’t hesitate anymore and never doubt your quality-level. Be informed that the BCS cadres who are in their jobs now were not superhuman at all. Most of them were mediocre students and didn’t have super academic results or records. 80 percent of the successful BCS officers are not more meritorious than you.

BCS exam success isn’t for the talented students only, rather BCS exam success belongs to those who are regular and serious in their BCS preparation. So, don’t waste your time, start from today. You’ll definitely overcome BCS Preliminary Exam successfully if you just can kick-start your BCS Preliminary preparation today.

Prepare a study-schedule that you can easily follow.

Most of the candidates prepare a very unrealistic routine with a view to taking BCS preparation. Some of the candidates even don’t have a routine to take BCS Preliminary preparation in a disciplined way! You must follow a study schedule to complete your assignments within due time.

A smart schedule will free you from messy and unwanted study-stress yet it will keep you under a healthy pressure. Never allot a huge amount of time for a single subject, nor underestimate the easy subjects you think of.

Mind it your preliminary exam success not only depends on Mathematics, English or Science subjects alone but also on the other easy subjects like National Affairs or Bangla or rest of the subjects in the syllabus you have.

Keep your Sword and Armour ready

Your schedule of BCS preparation will be frustrated unless you keep all the necessary books and particles ready to study and follow the routine work-schedule strictly. So, collect necessary books and sheets as quickly as you can. There are many established companies that publish books on regular intervals on the latest information and updates.

BCS Preparation Books for BCS Preliminary Preparation:

‘Professors Prokashony’s ‘Current Affairs’, Salatamami, Ajker Bishwa are some mentionable ones you can follow for taking BCS Preliminary preparation. You can purchase the books of Oracle Publications and MP3 also.

You must collect the text Books of ‘General Science’ and ‘General Math’ of Class-7 to Class-9. Collect the text book of ‘Geography’ of Class-8 too. To revise the basic Bangla Grammatical topics, you must have the Bangla Grammar text book of Class-9.

Purchase the original and latest version of ‘The Constitution of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh’. Give special attention to the ‘Articles No-26 to 44’.These articles will bring additional benefits to your BCS written exam too. These books for BCS preparation will be immensely helpful.

Spend at Least Two Hours for Reading Newspapers

Newspapers are essential tools to keep you up-to-date about the current and the most talked about happenings of home and abroad. Without newspaper you are in the battle field of BCS Preliminary Exam without your prime weapon to fight.

You must go through at least one Bangla and one English newspaper daily to beef-up your BCS preparation. You can keep ‘Prothom Alo’ or ‘The Daily Star’ regularly. You can go through the popular online newspaper portals like b dnews24. com . The more you’re informed; the better is your chance to qualify in the BCS Preliminary test.

Learn ‘how to take notes’ from your study for BCS exam preparation.

Lots of important information is there in your collected good books and newspapers. But if you don’t write down the important information in a diary or you don’t make your own archives of subject-related information, those readings are almost useless. You can’t search out a whole newspaper or articles of the previous date/s to find a missed out or lost information.

A smart candidate can’t afford such a stupidity, no way and never. So, keep a pen and a marker with you. Keep your dairy open to jot down important notes or a piece of valuable information while you are studying books or reading newspapers.

Arrange a ‘Group Study Circle’ for BCS Exam Preparation.

Group study is a top-notch and highly effective way of preparing for your BCS Preliminary Exam. A healthy and routine-based group study can boost your level of efficiency as a BCS exam candidate.

A group study circle helps a BCS exam candidate clarify the information he wants to memorise and rectify the problems he faces while taking in-house bcs preparation. Moreover, a candidate gets immense motivation and necessary updates from the group-members. You can join facebook groups to take online BCS preparation or online BCS model tests too.

Warning: You should maintain group discipline strictly and ensure that the members DO NOT pass the discussing time by mere gossiping. No doubt, your BCS Preliminary preparation will be better, smoother and easier because of your group study.

Go through the ‘BCS Question Bank’ of the previous preliminary exams first.

You must go through the BCS Preliminary Exam Question Bank of the previous exams minutely. Make a chart and prepare a statistics on the items, areas of the topics and their types which were frequented in the previous exams. Make a priority list of the important chapters. Memorise those information of the identified types of questions or solve out those problems as per your priority list.

Follow a ‘Smart-revision cycle.’

How you can maximize your memory output:

A surprising research shows that if you memorise or learn any lesson, 80% of the memorised information get lost from your memory within 24 hours. This huge loss of memory can be prevented throw proper and systematic revisions.

You should follow this revision cycle given below to maximize your recall from your memory:

First Revision: Having memorized any lesson, you should revise the lesson just one hour after your memorizing. You’ll able to recall or remember maximum information during the next 24 hours. (Just spend 5-6 minutes for each revision.)

Second Revision: The 2nd revision should be given just after 24 hours (1 Day). Your memorized information will last for next one week.

Third Revision: The 3rd revision should take place just after 7 days (1 Week). Your information memory will last for the next one month. That means you’ll be able to remember most of your information for one month.

The Fourth (Final) Revision: The last revision should take place just after one month. For this, you’ll be able to remember most of your information even after one year. Your memorised information will be permanent in your memory system.

Make some ‘flash-cards’ with the confusing information.

Some information under some particular topics of your BCS exam syllabus is very tough to remember on time. Especially date and number related information tend to confuse you.

To solve this problem, write those confusing information on some individual flash-cards. Keep the flash-cards with you wherever you go. Revise the information quite often at your convenient time.

You can stick some individual charts, info-graphics or info-tables of those confusing information on your bedroom walls or on the wall before your reading table. Definitely, frequent revisions will drive away your confusions and solidify your BCS preparation.

The best way to test your BCS preparation level is to take part in some BCS preliminary model tests online or offline. These BCS exam model tests can be divided into 50-mark each several mini-model tests on two or three topics of your BCS exam syllabus or BPSC syllabus.

Take your mock BCS model tests seriously. You should prepare yourself well before participating in those BCS model tests.

At the end of your long-time preparation journey, participate in 8-10 BCS model tests of 100 marks. Ensure that your timing of answering the questions is maintained accurately. Budgeting time for each topic is a crucial factor of your BCS exam success.

I used to take BCS preparation in the same way that I have described above and qualified at the very first BCS Preliminary Exam (28th BCS). I qualified at my second BCS preliminary exam (29th BCS) that I appeared in the following year too.

Though I was doing a job when I was taking BCS preparation, I did regular group-study with one of my best friends Foyez Ullah. It was a two-person group-study and was conducted over cell-phone regularly. During our group-study, I was doing a job in Sylhet Jalalabad Cantonment and Foez was doing a job in Dhaka.

For reading newspaper, I used to go through ‘The Daily Star’ and the ‘Prothom-Alo’ everyday for at least two hours. In fact, I devoured every newspaper I had available around me at my office as I was and am a voracious reader! This excessive reading habit helped me a lot to take a smart BCS preliminary preparation.

Spending a lot of time for newspaper reading helped me to have an overall BCS preparation too.

To cut my story short, I had a decent and a consistent study habit while I was taking BCS preparation. I do believe that it is not the high-voltage talent that makes one successful in BCS exam rather it is a smart planning and consistency of study that make one a BCS Cadre officer.

I’m sure your story will be different after following these BCS Preliminary preparation tips. If you face any problems to take BCS preparation, feel free to shoot me an email from the contact page.

Hope these BCS preparation tips help YOU!

Md. Zahid Hasan, BCS 29TH, Cadre